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Joseph R. Megale Has More Than 30 Years Experience

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Joseph R. Megale has been practicing criminal defense for more than 26 years. Joseph R. Megale works to protect the best interests of people who face DWI charges, domestic violence, and other criminal charges. Joseph R. Megale, P.C., is located in Nassau County, New York. To learn more about my legal services, contact me online or by calling (516) 746-7000.

Representing Individuals in and Around Nassau County, New York

Joseph R. Megale’s experience working in the DA’s office, and the fact that has  spent his  entire career representing people in Nassau County, has provided me the benefit of dealing with the judges and other legal representatives in Naasau County.  Joe has experience with the judges and knows how many of them handle different types of cases.  He also knows how to identify weaknesses in the government’s case, which helps him build a strong defense for you.

If you are facing DWI charges, the penalties can include fines, jail time and a criminal record that could follow you through life. Now is the time to obtain the best legal representation possible as you fight to protect your rights and your record. It’s important that you have a lawyer with the experience and ability to obtain the best results possible in your case.

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Joseph R. Megale’s office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.  You can reach Joseph R. Megale by phone 24 hours a day. Criminal and traffic law defense is all that Joseph Megale handles.  Our office is conveniently located one block from the Hempstead Court. Contact us online or by calling (516) 746-7000 to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal matter. Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.

Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense

    When you are the subject of a police investigation or have been arrested, it is a life-changing experience, one in which you need expert guidance and advice.  Joe Megale has 30 years experience, initially as a prosecutor, and for the last 27 years, defending criminal cases in both the felony and misdemeanor courts. Learn More.

  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

    DWI enforcement has gotten more strict than ever before.  The government is seizing all vehicles in DWI cases and seeking forfeiture of them as an additional sanction.  The government has hired law firms to actually begin the lawsuit for forfeiture immediately after an arrest is made.  Those lawyers hired by the county will negotiate with defense lawyers for release of the vehicles, but their criteria have grown more strict with each passing day. Learn More.

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence cases are treated differently from every other type of case in the criminal courthouse.  They are unique in that the victim and the defendant not only know each other, but there either is, or there once was, a loving relationship.  A large majority of these victims were angry enough to call the police, but later decline to cooperate in the prosecution of their loved one.  The District Attorney is very strict with these cases, which is understandable. Learn More.

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